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Post  Romano Vargas on 10/2/2012, 15:00

(I'm just going to put this here for future reference, because she might be used in the RP sometime)

Name: Violet Hauksson
Age: 10
Race: Icelandic-Italian
Personality: Violet is bright and relaxed, but can go nuts when angered. She can also get very childish over trivial matters. She tends to be very shy, scared of many things, and worrying.
Appearance: Dark(ish) blue hair tucked into a bushy ponytail, curled ahoge, pink glasses, light blue and white striped tank top
Powers (if any): None
Weaknesses: Carelessness and greed
Strengths: Cheerfulness and looking out for others
Weapons: Mop?
Earlier life: Violet had parents who loved her (and still do, because they are still alive). She was homeschooled for preschool, but as the economy got worse, both her parents had to be at work and Violet was sent to elementary school. During class hours, she sat in one of the desks at the back of the class. Normally her favorite class was computers, for a special reason.
Relationships: Matthew Williams (friend), Lili Zwingli (friend), Hercales Karpusi (enemy), Alrick Oxenstierna (crush)

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