England Reflecting on Sealand's Similarities to America

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England Reflecting on Sealand's Similarities to America Empty England Reflecting on Sealand's Similarities to America

Post  Kyra Xyrespace on 8/18/2012, 18:02

Disclaimer: Must we seriously go over this again? Chances are, no one on this site owns any of the shows/games/movies/etc, so must I remind you of my misfortune? (This is all theatrics of course).


It wasn't like England had accidentally forgotten about Sealand's existence on purpose. It's just... the first time England had seen Sealand's picture (the micro nation had sent a letter upon his creation with a self-taken photo), the older nation had nearly had a heart-attack. He looked like England, mainly with the eyebrows... but the hair, eyes, and smile... England had to remind himself on how to breathe. The micro nation looked too much like America (the only difference was he didn't have the golden hair that sparkled in the sun; he didn't have the sparkling blue eyes; and he didn't have the bright smile), and so England abandoned the nation and did his best to forget about him. It had worked... but not for long.

When Sealand popped up at one of their meetings and proclaimed he wanted to be a nation, England had a flashback that would always stick with him. Hearing America (his baby brother!) declaring himself to be independent would always be with him, and hearing another nation say those words struck a nerve with the older nation. So he took his anger out on the child (not physical of course). And God, how more alike could America and Sealand be? They were loud, obnoxious, determined, stubborn, didn't understand that no meant NO!, and were always smiling. The only thing Sealand was missing (besides being an actual nation) was the hero complex.

It was all too much for England though. He couldn't stomach seeing Sealand and seeing the little colony he had lost (it wasn't till much later that he did see America as a colony; he had simply saw him as a precious little brother). Sealand was still different enough to be his own person, but to England, Sealand was only another reminder of his loss. No one else seemed to notice, but England was beginning to fear that France was (if that frog did, England knew he'd never hear the end of it).

He knew he'd get over his bitterness for Sealand once his pain went away (but when dammit! It's been nearly 300 years!), but until then...

"Get out!" England ordered as he dropped the micro nation onto his butt outside of the meeting hall's double-doors.

"Jerk!" Sealand retaliated.

"Don't worry dude, he'll come around," America managed to say in comfort to the micro nation until England closed the door.

Fat chance, England thought stubbornly.
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