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Post  Kyra Xyrespace on 8/18/2012, 17:58

I don't own Hetalia or the song "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins. Sorry; I'm just not that talented, nor is my name anywhere on them.


England held back a sigh as he cleaned up his little brother's cheek, finding it hard to be mad at him when the little tyke was beaming back up at him. It was always hard to stay mad at America, even if the little guy had disobeyed England's rule and went outside. He was lucky to have only gotten some dirt on his cheek, which was what England was cleaning up. He was so focused on his task that he completely forgot about the food he was cooking, until America's giggling brought it to his attention.

"Your food is on fire Iggy!" America said brightly, not realizing what the problem behind it was.

England jumped to his feet and turned to the stove, finding black smoke coming from the pan. He released a four letter word beginning with the letter 's.' He normally wouldn't curse in front of his little brother because he didn't want the boy to become corrupted by the words, but he was so distracted by the oven that he hadn't realized it slipped. After moving the pan away from the oven, he released a sigh and turned to look at his little brother. Said little brother smiled up at him and repeated the very word England had spoken. England stared at his brother in shock.

"Wh-where did you learn that word?" he questioned.

"From you big brother," America said, continuing to sound bright.

England knew that was the answer, but he still just wanted to confirm it; France had been hanging around for a while longer than England would have liked.

"And why did you say it?" England continued.

"Because you said it! And I wanna be just like you!" America answered brightly, his warm smile adding to his meaning.

This answer completely floored England. The older nation was left to do nothing but stare at his colony in surprise. America continued on, as if he hadn't realized the impact his words had had on his older brother.

"I've been watching you, and you're really strong and great. You're really nice and loving too," America said with a proud smile in England's direction. "When I grow up, I want to be just like you!"

England felt tears begin to form at the bottom of his eyes as he stared down at America. This little boy... how truly amazing he was. Despite all his faults, America was able to look past it and look up to him. He had never been a role model for anyone before, and that is what brought tears to his eyes. He was actually needed. Bending down, England wrapped his arms around the little colony. America accepted the hug happily and laid his head on his brother's shoulder, smiling up at him. England smiled down fondly at his little brother and kissed the top of his head.

I'll teach you to be the best America, England thought to himself. I'll be the best role model for you. I want you to be proud of your big brother, and I want you to be great. I'll give you a reason to watch me, and follow in my footsteps.
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