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Post  Romano Vargas on 9/1/2012, 23:38

Roleplay Rules

Here are the rules for the Hetalia roleplay. I am aware that some people have jumped into roleplay already, but you should read these anyway for further note on what not to do when roleplaying.

1. Please do not godmod. “Godmodding” is two things; controlling another user’s OC or having your OC a Mary Sue (someone who gets their funds out of the blue, is friends with everyone, wins every fight, etc.). Godmodding is strictly prohibited.
2. Do not kill or severely wound a Hetalia character. As much as it seems tempting, we need our Hetalia characters to be alive and functioning.
3. Yaoi/yuri is NOT allowed in this RP by any means.
4. Relationships are allowed; just do a separate post on your OC thread stating which character you would like a relationship with.
5. I am also considering handing out Hetalia Characters for use in the Roleplay only. You may not change ANY Hetalia Character’s password or excessively ask for one. If I see you doing this, you will be disallowed from using Hetalia Characters. You may still RP, but with an OC only. I will be monitoring your behavior to decide if you may have the privilege to use a Hetalia Character.
6. You may not post threads in any country without permission.
7. Every forum rule applies to this RP without any exceptions.

These rules will be updated periodically.
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