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Post  Romano Vargas on 8/19/2012, 16:21

1. Please do not excessively flame other users. Flaming is when you post messages that are very insulting and/or threatening to other users. Minor insults are fine, but try not to get too carried away.
2. Do not spam. Spamming is when you post something like “balloons” five times over and submit it as a post/topic. I will let it slide once or twice, but if it happens too often, it will be counted as a strike.
3. Do not double post. There is a Multi Quote button to quote multiple posts if you have to.
4. There is a "Delete" button; however, it is not there to be abused. Deleting your post because you have accidentally double posted is fine. Deleting your post because you excessively swear or harass a member is not.
5. Mild curses are okay, but strong curses are not tolerated. Please do not curse strongly repetitively or bypass the censors.
6. Do not ask to be a moderator. Moderators are determined by behavior/following the rules. If this is seen in a user, the user may be asked if they wish to become a moderator.
7. Yaoi/yuri couples are allowed to be discussed anywhere in this forum but the RP.
8. If you get five strikes, you will be banned for a day. If your behavior continues after you are unbanned, the ban length will be extended accordingly.

These rules will be updated periodically.
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